Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VMware Workstation 6.0.4 running on openSUSE 11.0... Here is the goodness.

Well after some googling and a little hacking myself i was able to come up with a proceedure for all the openSUSE members on how to get VMware Workstation 6.0.4 running on openSUSE 11.0.

Follow the Outline below step by step and you will be up and running in no time.
1. Download the latest VMWare Workstation 6.0.4 from here ( The rpm version of course )
2. Install VMware Workstation 6.0.4 rpm.
3. Download this patch for vmware-vmblock from here
4. Extract it with the command # tar xzvf vmware-vmblock-patch.tgz
5. Change your directory to vmware-vmblock-patch with the command # cd vmware-vmblock-patch
6. execute with the command # ./
7. Now you can run ( of course make sure you have your kernel-source, gcc, make and the like installed )

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