Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About Time... Linux 64-bit Flash Player

This has been a long time in the waiting. I have been using a 64-bit Workstation for a few years now and finally i don't have to wait much longer to run a 64-bit Browser with a 64-bit Flash Player. Woohoo!

Prior to this release 32-bit Flash Player on 64-bit Linux has required the use of a plugin wrapper, which prevents full compatibility with 64-bit browsers. Some would just run all 32-bit browser and plugins to get the best support on their 64-bit Linux.

Until Now.. Maybe someone has the new flash built out on the Build Service.A quick search at for flash reveals that no one has built the 64-bit version yet. I guess i may have to dig in. :)

If your interested, you can download it from the adobe labs here

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