Thursday, February 19, 2015

OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015 Presentation Votes (ends Feb. 23rd)

Open voting is available for all session submissions until February 23rd at 5pm CST. This is a great way for the community to decide what they want to hear.

 I have submitted a handful of sessions which I hope will be voted for. Below are some short summary's and links to their voting pages.
  • Accelerate OpenStack deployment with OpenStack Admin Appliance ( Speaker: Cameron Seader ) 
In an effort to make OpenStack available to the non-tech user and appear much less of a heavy lifting project, I have created the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Admin Appliance. However, no matter if your an OpenStack Noob, Professional, Expert or Developer...
  • Deploying SUSE OpenStack Cloud with the Xen Project Hypervisor ( Speakers: Cameron Seader, Russell Pavlicek, Stefano Stabellini ) 
Its all about choice these days when it comes to selecting your OpenStack hypervisor. But what makes for a good choice of hypervisor? And why should you consider the Xen Project Hypervisor when there are other possible selections? ...  
  • Hands-On With Heat: Service Orchestration in the Cloud submitted by Rick Ashford ( Speakers: Rick Ashford, Cameron Seader )
 OpenStack Heat provides a framework for predefining a structured service, and allows you instantiate that service in an automated manner. This hands-on lab will walk the participants through the process of creating a Heat template file for a multi-tiered...
  • Planning an Enterprise OpenStack Deployment submitted by Rick Ashford ( Speakers: Rick Ashford, Cameron Seader )
Deploying OpenStack can be a difficult, time-consuming, and complex task. Doing it successfully is even harder. Planning and coordination between groups are the key differences between successful and failed implementations. Come discuss the questions you will need to ask yourself to be able to architect...
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