Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Squeegee is Born...

Squeegee...a new openSUSE project i have begun. I started it last year with a few members on the team and now am seeing more come to light as we continue to forge its path. This Project has been created by members of the openSUSE community. It is not intended to create a new distribution or a fork of openSUSE. The intention is to add specific packages and features that pertain specifically to Internet Filtering via SQUID and Dans Guardian with the abilities to be a firewall and router. Initially this will be built to install on x86 and x86_64 with the use of the build service, and by use of kiwi will create a single CD install that can be used to install on a small footprint or Appliance machine. Now with the big announcement from Novell regarding LimeJeOS we can make this into a rather Sweet appliance.

This project has a great future ahead of it and we are just getting started.

See the links below for more details about it and how you can contribute.

Squeegee Project Page
Squeegee Team


Unknown said...

If you are interested, there is the Utah Open Source Conference in August this year and they are looking for papers. You are welcome to submit one. It's going to be in Salt Lake City. If you are interested email me: sshaw at decriptor dot com

Anonymous said...

I hope, this project will include patch for squid-tproxy, where we can make transparent proxy really really transparent.

It will help a lot.
For example, the bandwidth manager will work better, since ll client goes to internet with their own IP Address, not with squid IP Address.

Unknown said...

Just read this and you made my day. After fiddling with another solution to the problem of properly integrating DansGuardian that never seemed to work quite right, the idea of combining it with my favorite distro and yast seems almost too good to be true. (even if you don't get a full yast module at least the config files will be in sane places)