Monday, April 7, 2014

Quickly Setting-up an OpenStack Cloud with the SUSE Cloud 3 Admin Appliance

In an effort to make OpenStack available to the non-tech user and appear much less of a heavy lifting project for them, I have created the SUSE Cloud 3 Admin Appliance. I have worked with so many partners, vendors, and customers deploying OpenStack with SUSE Cloud that the idea came to me that SUSE had some great tools that would enable me to create something that they could use to easily deploy, test, and discover OpenStack on their own without a whole lot of effort required. SUSE has integrated Crowbar/Chef as part of the installation framework for our enterprise OpenStack distribution – SUSE Cloud – to improve the speed of deploying and managing OpenStack clouds. This has allowed us to be flexible in our deployment when working with partners and software vendors and provide greater ease of use.

The creation of the SUSE Cloud 3 Admin Appliance is intended to provide a quick and easy deployment. The partners and vendors we are working with find it useful to quickly test their applications in SUSE Cloud and validate their use. Beyond those cases it has become a great tool for deploying your production private cloud based on OpenStack.

I have developed two different appliances and you can find them here:

Standard v1.0.1: SUSE Cloud 3 Admin Standard
Embedded v1.0.1: SUSE Cloud 3 Admin Embedded

Standard has a process which will mirror all of the requiredrepositories to the Admin Server.

Embedded has all of the required repositories in the image ready for you to consume. It might take a little longer to download, but might be worth the wait if you need something portable that can quickly load a private cloud.

This is version 1.0.x

Its important that you answer several questions before proceeding. You can find those questions in the SUSE Cloud 3 Deployment Guide

This Questionnaire will help you as a companion to the Deployment Guide. SUSE Cloud Questionnaire

This guide on using the appliance can help walk you through step by step. SUSE Cloud Admin Appliance Guide

- This version contains the GM version of SUSE Cloud 3
- Disabled IPv6 - Added motd (Message of the day) to reflect next steps
- Updated logos and wallpaper to align with product
- Updated init and firstboot process and alignment with YaST firstboot


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