Monday, April 21, 2014

Updated: SUSE Cloud 3 Admin Appliance 1.1.0 available

Continuing in our efforts to create SUSE Cloud 3 Admin Appliance into a quick and easy way to deploy OpenStack, we have reached version 1.1.0. You can download the Standard or Embedded version.

Standard v1.1.0:
Embedded v1.1.0:

Standard has a process which will mirror all of the required repositories for the Admin Server, and contains the SLES 11 SP3 / SUSE Cloud ISO's

Embedded has everything that the standard image has and all of the required patch and update repositories in the image ready for you to consume. It might take a little longer to download but might be worth the wait if you need something with everything included and you want a quick testing environment to play with.

Changes from Github Project
1. restructure files into proper kiwi build directories to make it easier to build from a checkout
2. shell code needs consistent indentation
3. add a proper
4. eliminate disk wastage from rebuilding huge .txz
5. eliminate copy'n'paste between setup-suse-crowbar*
6. Provide sensible default network config as outlined in the Deployment Guide
7. mount SLES 11 SP3/Cloud ISOs permanently instead of extracting files once the appliance is deployed

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